Products from TPP
TPP products are made of virgin plastics of highest purity and quality, that fulfils the requirements of Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI.

TPP does not use or intentionally incorporate slip agents, biocides, plasticizers or additives into the materials using for production TPP products.

Tissue culture flasks with growth surface from 25 - 300 cm2
Tissue culture flasks with re-closable lid, growth surface 115 cm2 or 150 cm2.
Tissue culture flasks with peel-off foil, growth surface 25 cm2 to 300 cm2.
Clipmax 10 cm2 Chamber Slide
Tissue culture flat tube 10, with growth surface of 10 cm2 and tissue culture tube 20, with growth surface 20 cm2.

Cell scrapers with rotatable blade and cell spatula.

TubeSpin® Bioreactor 15, 50, 450 and 600.

TubeSpin® Bioreactor 50 with Septum.

Adapter plates for shakers from Kuhner or Infors.

"easy read" measuring device.

PCV tube.

Standard serological pipettes with volume from 1 - 25 ml, and serological pipettes with reservoir with volume 40 ml and 70 ml.

Pipettor Turbo-Fix and consumables
Tissue culture testplates with lid available with wells 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96 with F and U bottom.

Tissue culture dishes, sizes 40, 60, 100, 150 with gripping ring.

Vacuum fitration "rapid"-Filtermax 150 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml.

Syringe filters with pore size 22 µm and 45 µm.

Centrifuge tubes 50 ml and 15 ml.

Cryo tubes volumes 1.2 ml, 2.0 ml, 3.8 ml, 4.5 ml.

For storage of the tubes tube racks, cryo boxes or the cryo rack.

Triple bagged packaging (3-B) solutions for clean room requirements
Good to know!
TPP products are free of substances from animal origin and are free of BSE/TSE.
Ask your TPP dealer for an anniversary rack!