Syringe Filter
The TPP syringe filter 22 and syringe filter 45 are intended to filter aqueous solutions.

Features of the syringe filters:

  • PES filter membrane
  • membrane pore size 0.22 µm or 0.45 µm,
  • high flow rate, minimal protein binding capacity
  • low dead volume
  • burst pressure 10 bar (~ 145 psi)
  • bubble point 3.7 bar (~ 53 psi)
  • typical starting flow rate at 25 °C (~ 77 °F) for water at 2 bar (~ 29 psi): 175 ml/min
  • inlet: standard luer-lock / outlet: luer-slip
  • housing diameter size 33 mm, results in an optimal rest on an 50 ml tube
  • single packed in blister in convenient card box dispenser
Typical applications:

Sterile filtration of protein solutions, tissue culture media, additives, buffers, and water.

Solutions can be filtered fast due to:

  • large filter surface area, that is increasing the flow rate and throuput
  • high operating pressure: a maximum housing pressure of 10 bar (~145 psi).
Good to know!

The syringe filter unit’s bi-directional support of the filter membrane enables users to filter aqueous solutions in either direction (only ONE direction per use):

  • forward (from the syringe into the container)
  • backward (from the container into the syringe)

The filter unit removes micro organisms, particles, precipitates, and undissolved powders larger than 0.22 micron or 0.45 micron, depending on filter used.

Water Bubble Point Test
This test consists of measuring the minimum air pressure required to remove the water retained by surface tension in the largest pores of a fully wetted membrane.

This pressure (the bubble point) is dependent upon the pore diameter and the surface tension of the wetting fluid.

The filter unit is first wet with water, and then the air pressure is slowly increased until a steady stream of bubbles is observed downstream of the filter. This pressure is recorded as the bubble point. The syringe filter must have a bubble point value greater than or equal to 3.7 bar.

TypeProduct No.Filter Area
Volume (ml)Membrane Type (µm)Dimensions
MaterialQty / BagQty / CaseCase
 99722 6 - PES 0.22 33 x 27 PET / PES 1 200 (5 x 40) 1.7
 99745 6 - PES 0.45 33 x 27 PET / PES 1 200 (5 x 40) 1.7